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El Campeon Farms


Our Story

El Campeon Farms was established in 2000 by Kelly and Lou Gonda as a training base for high performance show jumpers and the family’s string of hunters, equitation, and young horses.  At the 2008 Olympics, Will Simpson and El Campeon’s Carlsson Vom Dach, were named to the US Team and helped to secure the gold medal in team show jumping.


Since then the farm has evolved into a training facility for multiple disciplines and in 2014 became a breed steward for the Santa Cruz Island Horses. They have worked with UC Davis' equine geneticists and reproduction experts to develop a preservation and breeding program to help ensure the survival of these horses.  Along with these activities the farm is host to several groups of children throughout the year for educational field trips.


Over the years the farm has also served as a location for various film, television and print shoots- from seven Budweiser Super Bowl Commercials to Modern Family episodes, Teen Vogue, Elle, Lands End, Yellowstone and more. 

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