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VC Star Article: Preserving California history: Santa Cruz Island horses at home in Hidden Valley

"On a misty morning in Hidden Valley, a lone rider mounted a small horse and entered an arena nestled below an oak-studded hillside.

Calm, patient and sure-footed, Cochise, a 19-year-old gelding, followed commands with ease as his rider Hayley Pelton prompted him through a series of obstacles..."

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Islapedia: The California Islands- Saving Their History, Telling Their Stories

ISLAPEDIA is dedicated to perpetuating the memories of those whose
exploration, energy and enterprise became the building blocks of the history of all California Islands.

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The Livestock Conservancy

"Ensuring the future of agriculture through the genetic conservation and promotion of endangered breeds of livestock and poultry" 

The Livestock Conservancy has been a key partner in helping preserve the Santa Cruz Island Horses. All of El Campeon Farms SCI horses have been registered through the registry offered through the Livestock Conservancy. 

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Sunshine Sanctuary

Christina Nooner at Sunshine Sanctuary for Kids and Horses was the first breed steward for the SCI horses after their removal from the island. Learn more about her program and organization by following the link above. 



Learn more about working equitation here!

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WDAA- National Western Dressage Organization

Learn more about western dressage here!

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