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The All Around Horse- Our SCI horses have served in many different roles outside of competitive disciplines. They have served in equine therapy programs, field trip demonstrations, and have proved to be the perfect lesson horse for guests and young children.

The SCI Horses have a long history of being a big part of childrens lives. Shortly after the original herd was removed from the island, Christina Nooner of Los Molinos, CA became the first steward of the breed. She was dedicated to preserving the SCI horses as well as helping the children in her community. Following the 1999 tragedy at Columbine High, Christina started "Sunshine Sanctuary for Kids and Horses" an equine therapy center for children of all ages. The SCI horses were the perfect fit and thrived in her program.

Years later, they continue to make a big impact on children's lives. ECF hosts multiple field trips throughout the year where part of the kids' experience is getting to groom and interact with our SCI horses. They also serve as guest horses for El Campeon Farms' friends and family. Wether it's impromtu trail rides or lessons for the grandkids, these horses have to proved to be worth their weight in gold, trusted to carry new riders of all ages.

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